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Foire aux questions

  • What is vintage?
    You have to distinguish the difference between authentic vintage and vintage-style or vintage-inspired items. In English, the term vintage literally means a grand cru wine. It designates a period piece, dated, old and authentic. It is therefore used by extension to designate an object, a garment, a material directly derived the past. It refers to authenticity and defines an object actually made in a bygone era. To be vintage, an object must therefore have been manufactured several decades ago, at least 20 years, and its style must be characteristic of the decade to which it belongs. From 100 years, the item falls into the category of antiques. Vintage - or retro - inspired items are contemporary items that mimic vintage. They replicate period styling and sometimes mimic the wear and tear of old, but are brand new items made with current industrial techniques. It therefore refers to new objects copying old objects. In my shop you will find authentic vintage clothing and items.
  • Why buy vintage?
    Buying vintage means opting for durable, quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship and an incomparable style, often imitated, never equalled. Because until the 80s and 90s, craftsmen and manufacturers had a sense of aesthetics, attention to detail and a job well done. Merchandise was made to last, and people maintained their items with care. Today, with overconsumption and fast-fashion, the quality of materials and workmanship has dropped drastically, and objects are no longer as strong and durable. By choosing vintage, not only are you making an eco-responsible choice by reusing an item in perfect used condition, but you are also helping to preserve a treasure from the past while investing in a quality product made to last.
  • Do you buy from individuals or do you do consignment?
    Not at this time. My small business is limited on storage space and I already have a large inventory to put online. In addition, I take pleasure in hunting myself one by one the treasures that I put on sale, which allows me at the same time to check their quality and condition :)
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